Students’ Voices


I`m interested in artificial intelligence. This is because artificial intelligence has a lot of potential to make the world better. The perfect artificial intelligence has more intelligence than we do. I expect artificial intelligence to solve our problems, such as global warming, increasing population and even war. Perhaps it is just pushing the responsibility off onto artificial intelligence. But I think it is true that it is one of the ways which we will be able to choose to get better. (by T.T )



The world is now having serious problems. There is the energy issue. Fossil fuels such as oil will be exhausted in the next few decades but now the world is watching fusion energy. There is research on using hydrogen primarily, a virtually limitless resource. Radiation can be controlled. Still challenges are left. However, this would enrich our lives. (by M.A.)



I am interested in biology. Especially, I want to know which plants grow in deserts. Population is growing now. So we are faced with a lack of food. If we can grow plants in deserts, this problem will be solved a little. Now, in Australia, a group is doing an experiment to grow vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper. I want to do an experiment growing plants which have protein as well. If such plants are found, I want to help people who are suffering from hunger. (by M.S.)



I like biology. Especially, I’m interested in animal communications now. Many animals communicate without speaking words. For example, honey bees dance to teach their friends where the honey dew is. Bombyx mori females secrete pheromones to rally males. When an ant dies, it secretes Death confirmed pheromone to be carried to the grave. And when an ant finds food, it secretes Aggregation pheromone to collect fellows. I want to know more and more about how animals inform their friends without speaking words. (by A.K.)



I am interested in biology, especially bacteria which are used in food, because I like fermented foods such as cheese and miso, and I want to know how to make these foods. At the cooking school where I go to learn cooking, I found out that fermented foods are made by the work of bacteria. So I want to learn about this work and the nature of the bacteria. (by K.S.)



Hello, everyone.

Today, I’m talking about the things I’m interested in.  Creatures from outer space, in other words extraterrestrials, are very attractive to me.  By the way, do you know that water was discovered on Jupiter II Europa?   As Europa has many volcanos under the sea, the temperature of the water is thought to be warm. That means we can’t rule out the possibility that extraterrestrials exist there.   Satellites which have an atmosphere like Europa are now being discovered one after another, especially near Jupiter. I’m looking forward to discovering such satellites someday.

Thank you. (by A. T.)



I’m interested in space science. I liked to observe the heavenly bodies since my childhood. I looked up at the starry sky with excitement. Space is mysterious and very large. That’s why I want to know about space. There are more stars in the space known as the universe than I can count. Many kinds of stars twinkle or are made to twinkle by the sun. I would like to try to solve the riddles of space. (by Y.W.)



I’m interested in earth science, especially the weather. I have liked to look at the sky for a long time. When I was a child, I thought that it’s interesting to see the shape of clouds change according to the season. It’s the reason why I was enchanted by the weather. There has been much unusual weather in recent years. Now it’s the big problem in the world, and a lot of people have developed an interest in it. I want to learn more about it. (by R.I.)



I’m interested in space science. That is because the universe is very beautiful and it has a lot of mystery. I think aliens exist somewhere in space. So, I would like to find a planet with conditions similar to Earth. I believe we can discover the aliens. But, if aliens do not exist there, I want to create new life in order to compensate for those missing things. (by T.O.)



I am interested in cells. In recent years, many Japanese people die from cancer. The reason is because organs are lost to metastasizing cancer. Mortality is 100% especially if the cancer metastasizes to the brain, lung, heart. Even if we do an organ transplant it may be rejected. As a result, you might die. If we have one right cell, we can make a big organ. In order to solve the problem, I want to study it and make the organ which the person lost from cells taken from the person. (by K.O.)



Fireworks are so beautiful because their many colors shine in the sky at night. But fireworks are only FLAME. Where does the color come from? You have to put chemicals in to make the color. It’s a “Flame reaction”. For example, copper makes it green. Another addition, Sodium chloride, makes it yellow, Strontium nitrate makes it red…and so on. Fireworks are made by combining them. We can enjoy viewing them because of the chemicals. (by Y.E.)



I have been interested in science since I was a little girl. So, I am very happy to join this program. HiGEPS gives us a lot of excellent lectures, and I learned not only science but also about the problems which confront us. Now, I think I`m going to study applied chemistry. I want to be a scientist, who supports the progress of society in the future. (by R. Y.)



I’m interested in math, especially analytic geometry. In this field, figures can be represented by functions.  I’ve come to like geometry because I was impressed when I first learned that even a globe can be projected on a plane. Don’t you think it’s a lot of fun? I wonder if I can find a law about every existent figure. I’m looking forward to studying in more detail in college in the future. (by M.S.)



Do you regard HiGEPS a program merely for science students?

I think that is false.

I’ve taken part in it not because of its content but through the introduction from my friends. And I consider my future job to be a worldwide journalist.

Therefore, HiGEPS may seem like a waste of time for me.

However, HiGEPS is also instructive for people like me. In the program, we can improve our English ability especially at communication due to the great English teaching as much as science. In addition, I think I need to understand and announce all kinds of things that happen in the world, of course including science.

Thus, you don’t have to hesitate. Join us! (by R.G.)



Connect People to People through a Planetarium

What do you think makes the world happy? Now, I have an answer; a starry sky! We are able to see it anywhere in this world, but not always. So I’d like to design and create a planetarium. By astronomical observations, projected objects can be more clear and beautiful.

In conclusion, I’d like to share “happiness” with a lot of people in the world through the planetarium I’ll make. That’s my real wish. I’d like to make a planetarium that connects people to people. (by Y.F.)



I have a chemical topic I especially like. It is vaporization and the heat of vaporization. It is called “kikanetsu” in Japanese.  I think “kikanetsu” is a very great and mysterious chemical concept because “kikanetu” occurs in a very interesting reaction. In the first place, evaporation is a chemical reaction decreasing temperature when the water evaporates. This reaction is very useful for us.  For example, when we feel very hot, we sprinkle water on the road. This is where “kikanetu” plays a role. There are many other things using “kikanetu”. For example, coolers, refrigerators, and so on.  For this reason, I think “kikanetu” is one of the best chemical ideas. I hope more and more people will come to understand the splendor of “kikanetu”. (by A.K.)



We should not drink any coke in the future. The rationale is twofold:

The first is how we are affected by sugar and caffeine. Cola contains about 46 grams sugar per 500 ml. Because of the diuretic effect, potassium is lost.

Because potassium makes up a lot, an eighth, of the human body, the effect is big if we drink extreme amounts of coke. And besides, it increases the risk of diabetes. Second, coke is very acidic. If you examine the value of its PH, it is 2. It’s a value that is comparable to gastric juice and lemon juice.

As a result, the decay of human tooth enamel proceeds quickly. So I think we should not drink Coke because of the above points. I want to study the effect of diet on the human body in the future, to find a lot of improvements. (by T.Y.)



I’m interested in questions about the universe. I know the universe is expanding. Why has it been inflated? How much does it expand in size? I think that is very interesting. Also I am interested in another question about the universe. It is whether it is possible for a person to live at a location other than the Earth. If people can’t live on Earth, what can they do? I want to think about a solution to this problem. (by M.K.)



The theme in science I am interested in is the poison of mushrooms. There are two reasons that I’m interested in it. First, there are many kinds of mushrooms and also they have various shapes. Second, mushrooms have many poisons and each species has a very interesting separate poison. I like to search for them in the Internet and picture books very much. In the future, I want to make a study of mushroom’s poison. But I don’t know much about chemistry and poisons. So I think I want to study this very hard while I’m a high school student. (by N.A.)



I’m interested in supersonic waves. Recently, I took a lecture about them at school. l learned that they have many uses. For example, we can look at things we can’t see by using them. Also they can detonate a thing when they are very strong. And I want to grow up through the experience of this lecture. So I think about how to use supersonic waves in medical technology. (by S.N.)



Today, I’m going to write about Proxima Centauri b. Do you know this planet? It is an exoplant orbiting within the habitable zone of the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun. The planet is attracting attention as it may have life on it. Among many factors to consider,  I think the most important is that the planet must retain water from its formation. This is the most crucial point in evaluating the present habitability of the planet. I’m looking forward to finding out about it. (by Y.S.)



It is the most lovely theorem of mathematics in all the world. People call the following equation the most lovely: “e^iπ=-1.” I didn’t understand when I saw it the first time, but I realized how lovely it is by reading books on mathematics. The equation follows from Euler’s Formula, and this formula is used to prove many other theorems. For example, De Moivre’s Theorem. Besides, this formula is very useful. I used this formula to graph (-1)^n once (for all integers n).  I thought about why the equation is so lovely. My answer is that it is the simple shape which came from of a useful and difficult formula. I feel that it is lovely that a simple equation was created from a complex equation. (by. A.H.)